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The objective is to be able to read, or, at least, understand what is written in the various styles of Latin we will be studying, most often in a theological setting. From time to time, students will dabble in earlier writers, say up to about the third century B.C.E. As this program evolves, the intention is to provide insight into late Latin, low Latin, certain dialects (yes, Latin had dialects). Latin as it is used today is both drastically, yet not so unfamiliar, different from what you would have heard Cicero speak in the Roman senate. 3 CEUs. The cost includes $67.50 in tuition and a $8 registration fee.

LANG120 Basic Latin

  • Successful completion of the course for CEU students may require assignments from the Wheelock's textbook and translation submitted by the student. Online correspondence, reading assignments, written assignments are all required for students pursuing academic credit. Students are required to complete the assignments one year from enrollment.
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