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About Sowers of the Seed


Founded in 2009, Sowers of the Seed is a group 
of specialists, scholars, teachers, pastors, church leaders, and others dedicated to the serious, respectful, and critical exchange; expression of thought; and research related to biblical inter-pretation
. Sowers of the Seed is a para-church organization, meaning it "comes alongside" the community of faith to serve its needs by delivering

resources, services, and education that help beginning and advanced students interpret the biblical texts.


Sowers of the Seed
brings the biblical texts to life through comprehensive, reliable information, resources, and services that promote biblical literacy, affirm biblical realism, and advance a sound interpretation of the biblical texts.


To address the needs of beginning and advanced students, Sowers offers information, resources (tools, books, websites, etc.), services (lectures and webinars) and education (through St. Anthony's), in three formats related to biblical interpretation:


  • General Studies are offerings for beginning students and those who want a firm foundation in the Bible.

  • Intermediate Studies are offerings for those who wish to move beyond the basics and are effective after General Studies have been completed.

  • Advanced Studies are offerings for those who wish to conduct an extensive study in the Bible.


Participating Specialists

Many teachers and specialists representing a range of biblical disciplines, including textual criticism, historical criticism, hermeneutics, pastoral theology, etc., will be invited to participate and their works highlighted and referenced on this website. Such participation (unofficial association) does not mean that Sowers endorses or supports every teaching and statement of these participating specialists. 



Sowers of the Seed affirms the universality of the Christian community in hopes of creating a diverse learning community. Sowers serves as an educational supporter of St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies.



Sowers of the Seeds also participates with other organizations, churches, and groups with which it has been asked in the past to serve in some type of teaching capacity. Their appearance in this listing does not constitute an endorsement of their specific teachings or practices. 

Pleasant Hills Christian Church, Harrisburg, PA


Church of God Central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

Church of God International, Tyler, TX

New Hope Community Church, Catonsville, MD


Sowers of the Seed envisions a world where beginning and advanced students holistically interpret the biblical texts (see
rationale for ministry). The goal of Sowers of the Seed is to enrich the knowledge, empower the lives, and equip the ministries of students in the church and academia through comprehensive information, resources, and services that reflect a broad spectrum of biblical scholarship.


The "Bible" has been read, quoted, interpreted, expounded, and applied by millions of people in innumerable ways. The meaning
of scripture is a frequent source of discussion for ministers, 

specialists, students, and worshippers. Differing interpretations about specific biblical passages have lead to vastly different conclusions about their theological meaning and application. The history of Christianity, for example, is filled with divisions based on differing biblical interpretations. While no interpretative approach

provides all the answers to the questions that arise from reading the biblical texts, there is some common ground and unity among students in their quest of the biblical texts. 


One of this ministry’s desired outcomes is for students to become better informed and empowered to discern, speak, write, and act individually and collectively about the biblical texts by applying some of these common (ecumenical)* hermeneutical strategies while reading them.


* An early attempt toward an ecumenical approach to hermeneutics includes Michael J. Gorman, Scripture and Its Interpretation (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2017). 


Choice of the Name

The parable of the sower in Mark 4 (parallels Matt. 13 and Luke 8) illustrates that conversion and spiritual growth is determined largely by the listeners' experiences as depicted by the different types of soil. It offers timeless principles for modern readers. Genuine growth is possible when people hear and receive God’s word, more specifically the Gospel message (word of the kingdom), permitting it to work effectively in their lives (1 Thess. 2:13). That message symbolized by the seed (Luke 8:11) is a key element in this process.


Admittedly, the parable's focus is on the soil, not on the sower and the seed. While hearers of God’s word are responsible for how they respond to it, messengers of that word are obligated to be good stewards of it, even if they have limited influence over how it will be received (2 Tim. 2:15).


If the Bible is the written revelation of God’s will, purpose, and plan for humankind as claimed, then it is important that the meaning of that revelation be understood. Almost all would agree that a sound exegesis (observation, interpretation, and application) of the biblical texts is essential to the well-being of the church—lasting growth (fruitfulness) and unity among believers (cf. Titus 2:1ff).


The name Sowers of the Seed reflects this dynamic and the ultimate goal of the biblical interpretation.


Strategic Plan

A new strategic plan is being developed and will be uploaded soon.

Does Sowers Provide Religious Tracts?


Sowers of the Seed receives numerous inquiries as to whether it prints and sells religious tracts because its name is similar to a now defunct printer. No, this service is not within our vision, mission, and scope of activities (see above). If you wish to purchase such materials, please contact Little Bible Ministry of Pottstown, PA, at this link or this phone number: 800-724-0724. The original printer of the little Bibles, Sowers of Seed, has been purchased by an new owner. Visit its website here.

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