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This general course presents the ways and tools to access balance within the demands of ministry to ensure continuity in fulfilling God’s work. It examines many aspects of contemporary ministry in both ordained clergy and lay ministers to provide a framework to remain healthy and enriched while providing service to the faithful. While not all subject areas will suit everyone, the course offers an array of methods, sensible guidelines, and reflections to avoid imbalance in pastoral work. 3 CEUs. The cost includes $67.50 in tuition and a $8 registration fee.

Students will cover some of these topics: Keeping a focus on delegating, adequate self-care, the gift of presence, surrender, healing, setting obtainable goals, mindfulness, and so much more.

MIN151 Pastoral Ministry and Balance

  • Students are required to listen to all archived audio reflections, read the textbook, and complete the short assignment one year from enrollment. Instructor is available for consultation and discussions.
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