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biblical interpretation
Enriching biblical knowledge, empowering
lives, and equipping ministries 
Sowers of the Seed

By delivering comprehensive, reliable informationresources, and services that

promote biblical literacy, affirm biblical realism, and advance ​​​​​​​​sound biblical interpretation.​

biblical interpretation
biblical interpretation based upon biblical texts
Sowers Blog Posts
House of Biblical
and Liturgical Studies

After much feedback, consultation, and prayer, the instructors and advisors of
Sowers of the Seed has moved its courses
 a House of Studies that will focus on providing core courses and houses of study to help students prepare for service and ministry in the communions and denominations in which they will serve. St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies is a stand-alone institution in its own right with its own website here

Sowers Podcast

Listen to the latest editions of the Sowers podcast where instructors and guests discuss real issues related to the Bible, its interpretation, and more. Click here.


Now Available: Podcast 10 (Part 1) on the nature of God, monotheism, trinitarianism, Jesus' relationship to YHVH, etc. The goal of this series of podcasts is to broadly sketch the terrain surrounding this discussion and offer insights from experts and specialists.

A new blog site will be forthcoming in the near future.   

Does Sowers of the Seed print religious tracts, such as little Bibles?


In one word: NO! Sowers of the Seed (SOS) has never printed religious tracts. SOS's vision, mission, and focus is on education, not printing. To find businesses, including the new owner of the original printer of these products, see our "About Us" page and scroll down to the section at the bottom of the page.  

Sowers Webinars

March 17 - "Two Fundamental Principles of Bible Study" - Coming Soon. 

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